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About Lorna Fedelem, MD, and Associates

Lorna Fedelem, MD, and Associates is a membership model, primary care practice. As a physician, I enjoy taking care of my patients with a special focus on geriatric medicine. I am passionate about whole-person health – meaning I work with my patients to develop a meaningful relationship so I can understand all that might impact a person’s overall well-being.

As a membership model practice, I am able to spend more time with patients (than in a traditional primary care setting), allowing us to work together to focus on evidence-based medicine, overall wellness and prevention – and not just taking care of you when you are sick. I tell patients, it’s like “having a doctor in the family.” I’m accessible and available to you to answer your health concerns and questions and work with you to live your healthiest life.

I believe patients need and should expect:
– Up-to-date, evidence-based care
– Exceptional customer service
– Easy access to the practice
– More time with your doctor
– Direct access to your doctor
– Enhanced provider/patient relationship
– Healthcare navigation services
– Lower cost, affordable healthcare

This membership medicine approach means my practice charges an annual patient fee, instead of opting into insurance and Medicare plans (learn more in my FAQs). This practice structure allows you to have longer patient appointments, same or next business day appointments, telehealth, direct email and cell phone access to your doctor, and improved healthcare navigation services. It is structured to add value to your health, well-being and quality of life. Additionally, membership medicine might also reduce your overall healthcare costs. By working to keep you healthy and out of the hospital, we’re able to decrease your need for emergency and urgent care visits. Additionally, we are able to pass on greatly reduced cost savings for some prescription medicines, labs, diagnostic tests and other services.


Your all-inclusive membership includes all visits with me, plus all the benefits of membership medicine.

Superior Access, Service and Convenience
  • 24/7 access (including my cell phone for after hours and weekends, as well as my personal email address)
  • Same-day or next-business day appointments and little-to-no wait time in the office
  • Patient navigation services, helping you schedule with specialists or diagnostics when needed
  • Convenient telehealth visits when appropriate
Strong doctor/physician relationship focused on prevention — and your overall health and wellness for your entire family
  • Comprehensive annual physical/wellness exam
  • Age-appropriate screenings, such as cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid, etc., as well as counseling on other appropriate screenings as needed (e.g., PSA, mammogram, etc.)
  • Comprehensive review and administration of important vaccinations (for both teens and adults). 
  • Longer appointment times (60+ minutes for annual wellness exams; 30 minutes for follow-up or urgent visits)
  • Peace of mind of having access to your physician – who cares for your entire family – when needed
Specialty wellness services


  • Yearly
  • 6-month Seasonal
  • Couples Discount
  • Family Discount, children 6 years and older
  • Pediatric 6-18 years old
  • Telemedicine 18-26 years old
*Note that membership in Lorna Fedelem, MD, and Associates or Ms.Medicine is not considered insurance as recognized by the Affordable Care Act. In fact, we highly recommend that patients carry health insurance for services not covered under your primary care membership, such as visits with specialists or hospitalization. Many patients pair their membership with higher deductible insurance plans to reduce their total annual out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

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